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DLP LightCrafter Display 2000 EVM and BeagleBoneBlack first setup

In this article we will make a first setup of our BeagleBoneBlack and our DLP LightCrafter Display 2000 EVM.         BeagleBoneBlack O.S. setup In order to use the DLP with the BeagleBoneBlack we need to get the last Debian O.S. available for such board. The last version is …

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Adding an Ethernet Port to your ESP (revisited)

A few months back I pointed readers to an article by Frank Sautter on adding an Ethernet port to the ESP32 which I found quite interesting.  It reminded me that I’d been playing around with a Wiznet wiz820io board a while back on an older PIC-based project, so I pulled it …

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e-Ink/e-Paper Displays

As you may have read in a recent post, I’ve become enamoured of the newer versions of the e-Ink or e-Paper displays to hit the hobby market.  They look great and (apparently) aren’t too difficult to drive, plus their inherent ability to maintain the display when “off” looks to be …

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Using oddball ESP boards with TASMOTA – Part II

I’m not going to go too deeply into the specific hardware I used for my own project, but instead just give a couple of tips on using the Yellow board as a base for your own creations.  First of all there’s that row of red LEDs.  While they make for …

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Using oddball ESP boards with TASMOTA

Theo Arends continues to fix, improve and expand TASMOTA at a rate that, as a mere mortal, I find incredible.  One of the areas which has seen a lot of activity is the list of supported modules and devices.  When you connect to the web server on your device and …

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Hackaday Coin-Cell Challenge

One of the entries in the Hackaday Coin-Cell Challenge piqued my interest, initially because it featured an ESP, but then because of the beautiful display.  The project goes by the name of “Badgy” and is basically just another WiFi enabled, conference-style badge.  I was surprised that it used an ESP8266, …

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Today’s (short) “duh!” story

I was going to try experimenting with ESP-Now (Espressif’s lightweight wireless protocol which uses a minimal networking stack to provide minimal, point-to-point communications between ESP modules), as it promises a very much faster start-up and delivery for short messages for things like dedicated battery-powered sensors which only send very limited …

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Very good offer for books and videos from Packt Pub. On eBook $5

Packt Publishing has a new offer, for $5 you can get a lot of eBooks and videos. Click here for a list. There are over 4000 books and over 1000 videos to choose from. Source: Read the original article: Very good offer for books and videos from Packt Pub. …

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BME280 and ESP8266

Latest environmental sensor from Bosh is the BME280 which can measure: temperature humidity pressure and can be found in mobile phones (Nexus 5). There are rumors  that the BMP280 is a BME280 which couldn’t be calibrated for humidity, but I have no confirmation on this. BME280 Can be used for: …

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ESP8266 new book

I’ve been busy in the latest months writing a book  to cover some key aspects of the ESP8266 ecosystem, the chip, the cloud and a mobile application.The book will teach you and will give you a ready-to-sell solution for an IoT product.You will discover how to work with the GPIOs …

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